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My Story Card: Steve Cove remembers working at Mayflower Theatre



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I started with the Mayflower in 1987 [in] November, tearing the tickets on the doors. In January '88 I started full time as a Front of House Assistant. [I had many] different duties and one of them was to change the canopy every week. Changing the name of the shows [on the front of the building]. Up a ladder in all weathers!!! I used to hate it if we had a show with a long title! Sometimes the clips that were on the back of the letters were rusting and the odd letter would sometimes fall off onto the pavement! (What would health and safety say about that today?) Also, I dealt with poster changing and daily deliveries. I soon went full time Box Office, where it was much warmer! And I didn't have to climb ladders. We had the Pink letter 'M' on our uniforms which we all wore with pride until it was pointed out that it was the exact same logo as the condom packets (MATES). So we changed the uniform soon after. I left the company in 1992 and went to work in the midlands. I came back in 2006 to the Box Office as it was the only place I wanted to be when I came back to Southampton. I'm still here and working towards keeping this wonderful theatre alive for future generations! Wonderful memories of the actors I have met along the way!
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