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My Story card: Nicole Harris remembers making friends at MMYT and a spider crawling up her neck.



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So I haven't been part of the MMYT [Mayflower Musical Youth Theatre] group for long but ever since I've joined, I've felt more open and I've easily made more kind and lovely friends. At this very moment, my friends (Lily Blunt and Jasmine Berry) are laughing/crying, trying to write these memories ;) ANYWAYS... I don't really know what to say. I mean, there was a time where Lily, Jasmine, Freya Roese-Mclean, Charlotte Raffle, Be-Be Di'Giorgio and I were backstage for "Rock Around the Gaumont" and whilst we were getting dressed for our TV scene, Lily screamed "NICOLE" I felt confused at first until I realised, there was a brown, hairy spider crawling up my neck. Next moment - my shirt was on the ground. I was crying/screaming/laughing. Everybody was scared. It was the worst thing that could have happened before the actual show :)
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