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My Story card: Emily Malbon remembers a dramatic viewing of Wind in the Willows.



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While watching the amazing "Wind in the Willows" performance, (I was with my family) and at the interval, we all sat down, my mum and twin brother had cups of tea and we had ice cream. We were talking about how amazing it was 5 minutes before the interval [ended], we all started to get ready for the show. My mum, also getting compfy put her tea on the armrest. Somehow, the tea was knocked all over my leg. Burning off a layer of skin! (I was lucky it didn't reach my nerves). My darling family thought I was overreacting but the staff checked it and it turned out I had melted my skin. After walking all the way to reception they wrapped it in cling film and my dad rushed me into the hospital just as it was closing. For the next two weeks I was on crutches, and a few days after the incident, I went with my gran and I re-watched the first half and the second half was amazing!
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