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My Story Memory: Judith Shorten remembers seeing The Beatles performing at Mayflower Theatre




The earliest memory I have of the then Gaumont Theatre, was going to see The Beatles live on stage. I must have been only 8 or 9, it was the early years of the 60's and I was very fortunate, as my father played for Southampton FC at that time and so had good connections to enable him to get us tickets. I was accompanied by my older cousins and we were dropped off outside the theatre. I remember it being packed with screaming fans, some of who were fainting with excitement! When the Beatles were announced on stage, the whole place erupted and we couldn't hear the music due to all the girls screaming so much! That didn't stop us from enjoying the show though & I couldn't believe that it was actually them on stage! After the show we were picked up by my father, who bought us some life size posters of the Fab Four from one of the street sellers, which adorned my bedroom wall for many years! That was the first of many visits to this magical theatre, which I have such happy memories of. I have lived in Southampton since I was 7 and have very fond memories of this wonderful venue. I am now 60.
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