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My Story Memory: Pam Nickemann remembers accompanying her brother to see Buddy Holly




I was a 16 year old schoolgirl when my brother arrived home from work and announced he was going to see Buddy Holly at the Southampton Gaumont that very evening. BUDDY HOLLY! A real live American rock 'n roller practically on my doorstep - I just had to go with him. At 21, he wasn't too keen on dragging me along. However, his mate, Pete, had the car to drive there from Portsmouth and agreed to take me. My brother, Sid, had to buy an extra ticket so I sat with Pete and he sat alone. It must have spoiled the occasion for him but he has never held it against me. A youthful Des O'Connor was compere and watching Buddy scooting and leaping all over the stage as he sang was an amazing experience - the atmosphere was as electric as the guitar he was playing. Next day I was the envy of my school friends. Tragically, he died in a plane crash less than a year later. People still gasp with envy when I tell them I actually saw Buddy Holly live on stage - and the memory is still fresh in my mind all these years later. I have loved the theatre since my mother took me to pantomimes and Ivor Novello musicals as a child in the 1940's, I love classic old comedies and the glittering London shows. The Mayflower makes them more accessible to me. It also has very comfortable seats with good leg room and excellent views of the stage The bars are a good size where you can relax and chat. Altogether a very pleasant experience. Thanks.
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