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My Story Memory: Claire Warwick remembers how the visiting companies and the Mayflower Theatre ensured children had a wonderful experience coming here




I've brought a number of children's drama groups to the Mayflower over the years and have been impressed by the different companies' willingness to go an extra mile for the children. From meeting stars backstage to standing on the actual stage after performances, my pupils have had amazing experiences. One that sticks in my mind was the visit of 'The Famous Five'. After the show, our pupils were allowed to stay in the auditorium and the cast re-assembled on the stage for a Q and A session. This lasted some time and I was hugely impressed that this company offered this for free. Eventually and understandably, the cleaners wanted us to leave the theatre! The cast invited us round to the stage door and spent some considerable time signing autographs and making the children's evening special. I have always remained impressed by this and other occasions at the Mayflower where the staff and actors have tried to make experiences extra special for the children. I have enjoyed many musicals at the theatre since it re-opened as the Mayflower Theatre.
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