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My Story Memory: Sandra Ray remembers being taken to see 42nd Street




My first experience was my boyfriend at the time, his mother took me to see 42nd Street, being a dancer I loved anything musical. I loved the atmosphere, the music, the talent on the stage it was all amazing. After that it became a regular thing seeing shows and years later taking my children to see shows. I think my boys who are 22 and 8 share the same love I do. My husband visited mayflower for the first time and we watched scrooge. He loved it. We've see many more together. We hope to see Wedding Singer and Grease this year and also Xmas panto. I love the Mayflower, I just feel it's a lovely family time or even date nights, it's just a lovely chill and relax time. Even great birthday and hen night evenings. I hope to see the mayflower live on for many, many years, it's a treasure to Southampton.
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